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Rosie Cepero

Healing from the Heart

Born and raised in Port Chester, New York September 30, 1960, I am a true Libra indeed.  My amazing loving parents taught me to be myself and never to fear, for God and the angels are always near.  Knowing I had a special gift at an early age, my parents protected me. Back then, my gift wasn't recognized as it is today.  Everything I am today is due to the love, faith and positive energy that my parents and grandmother have given me.  Instilled in me, was the faith in prayer and to believe in miracles.

My gifts of healing and mediumship started at an early age.  I had my first encounter with an angel when I was three years old. I can clearly remember being in my crib and babbling away with the angels that came to visit me. So, I whole-heartedly embrace my gift and happily share the angels' messages with whom they are intended. Angels are not always easy to interpret. Sometimes they have a warning, while other times they simply want to give their loved ones comfort knowing that they are at peace.

Famiglia is the number one priority in my life. Me and my famiglia spend quality time together, which provides us with wonderful memories and forms famiglia traditions that last a lifetime. Sharing joys and disappointments gives us the bond we need that keeps us strong and positive as a famiglia. Sunday meals, holiday gatherings, birthday celebrations or just sitting around our campfires brings us joy, laughter and love. In my home, faith grows and continues to strengthen us.

The joy of travelling and meeting people throughout the world is a wonderful experience, especially when I can help people connect to their angels. By providing often life-changing messages to the people they protect on earth, each angel reading is a true blessing which I take very seriously. 

My life is full of wonderful people, places and experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything.  I have amazing friends that I consider famiglia and I embrace my spirit sisters and spirit brothers with much love.  As I continue my journey through life, I pray that I can give people the hope and comfort they need to help them heal.

It would be my honor to teach you why it's so important to let go of pain, so that forgiveness has room and healing can begin. I'll share with you why we should be aware of what we process in our daily lives, how we can learn to embrace all positive beliefs, and how living a positive lifestyle is the true way to happiness. "Angels Among Us" is now streaming internationally and on demand as part of

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